Hi! Welcome . . .

My name is Christy and I am a faith girl!

I love hard, I am super compassionate and I am empathetic to the lives of people around me. It has taken me more than 2 decades to develop the courage to be authentically ME without shrinking and I now KNOW that I am powerful beyond measure!

I choose joy everyday, elevate the expectations of others and simply believe in the "personal amazing" of the people I serve.

I have a unique gift that creates space in people's lives for God to bring breakthrough. I love introducing people to themselves, by helping them fall in love with who God created them to be . . . by first understanding who they are!

But...I wasn't always like that.

I spent years of my life morphing, shrinking, and anticipating the judgement of others, in hopes of avoiding the heaping shame of rejection and impending guilt of not fitting in. I desperately wanted to belong, be accepted, acknowledged and approved, but mostly validated for my worth!  

I was a people pleaser!

After years of despising everything from my skin tone, to my body size, to my hair, I had a experience that changed my life forever!

When you don’t understand the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable!
— Dr. Myles Monroe

Only 4% of women in the world think they are beautiful and over 75% of them, when looking in the mirror want to change something they see reflecting back at them.

As a breakthrough mentor for women, I help you start your own personal journey of discovering who God has created you to be, so that you may experience the freedom to become who YOU ARE.

I am super passionate about helping you breakthrough the blocks and barriers buried deep within, keeping you away from the love, joy, purpose and passion you've been longing for! Somewhere along the way, I know life broke your heart; disappointed you . . . wounded you, abandoned you, left a scar and . . . changed you at the core. Deep down, you told yourself it was your fault and have spent the rest of your life, looking for the evidence to prove that the LIE was true!

Sister, can I let you in on a secret?

The interpretation of the painful experiences of your past LIED TO YOU! Your understanding of what happened to you made you believe something about yourself that is NOT TRUE! AND IT HAS NEVER BEEN TRUE! You may have believed it was true, because it came from someone you trusted like your mom, dad, teacher or coach. You thought in order to survive you had to give your power away --to gain approval . . . to fit in. Until . . . you completely lost your identity and forgot who you were! 

Take a deep breath!

I believe, God's purpose for my life is to help you discover who HE created you to be, so that you can carry out His perfect plan and purpose for your life!


I'm a California girl who loves warm weather, tropical beaches and super cute maxi dresses! I am happiest in my favorite Antelope wedges, wearing a bright Summer dress that's moves freely in the afternoon breeze; cruizin' with the top down in my convertible M3. While I love spending quality time with the people I love most, I've learned to appreciate the solace that comes with a quiet getaway for a few days, just me and God.

I love to worship and spend time in His presence. I am super passionate about becoming more intimate with Him and discovering who He has created me to be. I marvel at how much He loves people and how He pursues my heart relentlessly. His never-ending love, sustains me.

Ever since I was 12 years old, I have wanted to be a wife and mommy. So I wake up every day living my dream, as Adrian's wife and Mommy to Skye, Blaze and Hayes! My family means the world to me! I consider it a privilege and honor to partner with God in raising my children! I take my responsibility to teach, impart and train them very seriously! VERY!!!

Many years ago, I inherited a son, AJ and just recently,have a NEW daughter-in-law, Jade. I look forward to encouraging them as they start their lives together.

Then, there are the awesome women seated in the front row of my life! My GURLS! They are my ride-or-die, they have seen me through the thick and thin. They are priceless treasures to me and I value them deeply. They are my Godsisters, true gifts from God. They are the BOMB, of course, and I am totally in awe of their gifts. They grow me daily, just by being real, genuine and authentic to the core. They inspire me to get in my Word, become more like God, change the world through my gifts and leave this earth knowing that I lived a life poured out . . . 100%! I am beyond grateful for their love and support. Girlfriend getaways are my #1 choice! In Christyland, I would have them monthly to a tropical destination, lots of sun, sand, oceans and non-alcoholic fruity drinks! ;-)

I have the best parents in the world, hands down! Not only are they game changers, they are both the most giving and loving people you will ever meet! I never take their health for granted and I value EVERY moment that I can call them up and say, "Hi or I love you!" #grateful

Then there are spa days Ahhh. . . Spa days . . . let's just say . . . spa days are my love language.

Lastly, I'm really passionate about all things wellness! Fitness fuels me! I appreciate a fun Zumba class, high-intensity Spinning class or Pilates on the Reformer .  Then, to top it off, I was a raw foodist for 18 months, thanks to my sister-in-law and I loved it, but then, I had to scale back because my body was like . . . I don't think so! Nevertheless, I enjoy being healthy and like eating foods that make me feel good about me and that support me loving the skin I live in! 

My favorite food...a smoothie! #love

Anyone who knows me knows that . . . I can't leave the house without mascara, lip gloss and wearing something that



Christy's Bio

As a woman with “deep relational glue," I am super passionate about pouring my time, love and encouragement into women, challenging her to discover her power, pursue authentic love and live to her capacity!

After 13 years of helping single women & engaged couples prepare for marriage and couples in crisis...stay married, I recently made a shift to refine my focus.
So...drum roll please!

I help women overcome perfectionism, procrastination and personal pity-parties! I teach women how to identify their survival language, recognize their personal soul betrayal, and own their people-pleasing behavior, in order to create the fulfilling relationships she desires and deserves without apology, guilt or compromise.

My passion for relationships is infectious and I speak to numerous groups and organizations on a variety of topics addressing the critical questions and real-life issues that matter most in relationships.

I love connecting with my audiences by engaging, encouraging, and challenging them to step out of what’s comfortable, routine or mundane. I am committed to inspiring people to take the risk to love deeply through authenticity and vulnerability.

Faith is the power behind my vision and I am grateful for the opportunity to inspire, encourage and equip. I believe we are all created with the divine capacity to love greatly, create and experience perfect love, joy and partnership.

Christy Little Jones, M.S.

P.O. Box 44454, Fort Washington, MD 20749