Like many young women, I struggled to overcome insecurity and people pleasing. Six days before getting married to my college sweetheart, I experienced an overwhelming fear that suffocated my courage to call off the weeding. This life-changing decision led me to a deep relationship with Jesus Christ and moved me to the difficult inner work of breaking free from the emotional bondage that prevented me from stepping powerfully into my role and the world. After three years, the marriage dissolved. I was embarrassed and ashamed.

A year later, I remarried.

I started sharing my story with other women, encouraging them to be courageous and never ignore the quiet voice within. This led to an opportunity for me and my husband, Adrian to launch the marriage ministry at our church.

After 13 years of preparing engaged couples for marriage and supporting married couples in crisis, in 2012, I came face-t0-face with my greatest fear . . . infidelity!

I was confronted with the hardest decision of my life . . . do I fight or flee?

I made the decision to fight...WE made the decision to fight for our marriage by pushing through the pain, the hurt, the fear and the offense by allowing God to heal, free, deliever and bring wholeness to our souls and relationship; restoring our marriage to better than EVER BEFORE!

I just KNEW the paralyzing pain, mental movies and gut wrenching heartache that I was experiencing couldn't just be for me . . . it hurt too badly! This experience HAD to be for helping, supporting and encouraging other couples suffering from broken marriages and infidelity to overcome the pain and fear; reminding them that they CAN recover from this!

I was featured in REAL SIMPLE magazine in a story about Forgiveness. Soon after it hit news stands, I started getting calls from women who recently learned of their husband's affair -- desperate for hope, comfort and support.

I started sharing my journey and the words I used to describe my pain gave women the comfort and hope they were looking for. I shared how God transformed our pain into emotional intimacy and healed our hearts! Every chance I got, I shared our testimony, at marriage conferences, panels and even through social media.

It was through the courageous transparency and vulnerability of our experience and the relentless commitment to trust God through our process, that He began showing up in other people's marriages. Broken marriages were restored, infidelity was overcome by love and forgiveness and marriages were healed . . . one after another.

What was designed to destroy us, God has used to bring us closer, and more in love with Him and each other. 

Relationship is who I am and helping women and couples is what I do!

If you need help and healing in your marriage . . . I got you!

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Marriage is God's idea and without being fully prepared for it, you will never be able to experience God's wonderful purpose in it!

Don't just plan for the wedding day, plan for the marriage!

I take engaged couples through 8 weeks of preparing for marriage.  I ask the questions that you won't know to ask about what's to come. I help prepare you to stand during the storm that is inevitably on it's way AFTER you say, "I do!"

Marriage is not to be taken lightly or assumed to be something that just happens after the wedding!

Success is a result of preparation!

Prepare for more than the honeymoon and invest in your happily ever after before the wedding!

Private Couples Coaching (offered in person or via Skype or Zoom)

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Group Marriage Preparation Classes (0ffered via Zoom)

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