Lives Changed!

Hear from my tribe...


"I love the level of spiritual mentorship that you give me. You see the God in me and no one else has said that to me. I love the light on the inside of sparkles! You are genuine and caring. You do what's in my best interest and are always supportive. You base your coaching and teaching on the Word and I have never had that. You see positive things in me that I have never seen or appreciated. I love your ability to see the glass half full. You are a ray of sunshine and you remind me all the time of my worth! I wonder what was life like before Christy? I'm glad I don't have to know life without you ever again!"                                         



"Christy has helped me to believe in myself! Her belief in me, and her encouragement always in everything has helped to build my self-confidence over the years. Christy's faith in me helps me during times when I want to quit! Christy is a life cheerleader! Even when she isn't present, I know she is cheering me on. So I fight to win for her, even when she doesn't know it!


Gladys. W

I know deep down, I can never really explain the difference you have made in my life. When I think about who I was before and who I am now, I can't even imaging that I was once so afraid of life! If you told me to do something, I would just do it. I  remember the day I finally noticed the transformation. I had lost 40 pounds and I had gone from a size 16 to a size 8.  I was a woman, who didn't deserve good, but now I am a woman who expects the best. I was a woman who never read the bible, now I am a woman who doesn't get out of bed until after I read the bible. I was a woman who was ugly and unloveable, now I am a woman who is beautifully and wonderfully made. I know that now because of you. I now believe I can fly! Thank you, my sister!


I really got a chance to understand and appreciate the value and greatness I have within me. Christy's program helped me to restore my confidence! Knowing how to walk in my greatness and not shrink back from who God has called me to be was priceless!

I could not have gotten past that mountain of pain without real help. Christy was there for me all along the way. She never judged my roller coaster of emotion; instead, she provided loving, sympathetic and understanding support. - S.R.


When I began my 8-week journey with Christy, I was at a place of boredom with life, and was trying to figure out how to get out of what seemed to be a cyclical rut. From the moment I completed the Opening Questionnaire, I knew that my life would never be the same! By taking the time to be introspective and put myself first, I was able to identify what kept me moving around the same mountain, what my true passions and desires are, and the steps to take to the live the life that God has predestined me to live. This experience was nothing short of life-changing, and ever so timely! I'm grateful to Christy for allowing God to use her to help me to become the best version of myself.

Sara Munyan

Christy is a rare find! She is open and honest regarding both the joys and challenges of marriage! As a single woman, I *thought* I was ready for marriage years ago and THEN I talked to Christy. What I was ready for was to be loved, to be entertained, to not be alone. What I discovered was that none of those things are the basis for a strong marriage. Through our time together, I realized I needed to step back and REALLY examine my “readiness”. The truth was I had not been ready to love unconditionally, to consider someone else before myself, to submit my desires or the way I think things should be done, to surrender my free time to someone elses whims or desires. I may not have been ready when I thought I was; however, with Christy’s help I am on my way to being ready now.



During this program I received clarity about my failing relationship- when we started this program we were not sure if we were supposed to be together but by the end of the program we knew we were right we we belonged- TOGETHER. Our relationship and communication are better than ever because we understand OURSELVES on a deeper level. I have found out my survival and I know how to recognize and deal with it as it comes- I have taken back my power from my survival and it feels good.

After this program I have peace in my heart and joy in my spirit. I know that God has my back and that He has sooo much in store for me, if I just trust Him. He really used Christy and this program in a major way.


Christy’s sincere love and concern for people and relationships is contagious. Her practical way of encouraging is life changing and she is an example of what she teaches. I am so honored to be affiliated with a woman of such integrity.


Valerie K.

Christy Little Jones was referred to me by a colleague who met Christy at a networking event. My co-worker and I are single, black women who are trying to balance our careers and personal growth, with the desire for committed relationships that may ultimately lead to marriage. Having tried many of the “normal” methods of meeting people, I thought that I might benefit from the services of a relationship coach. I wasn’t sure what to expect when contacting Christy, but I was pleasantly surprised by her disarming demeanor, honest and transparent nature, as well as her spirituality. Being a professional woman of color, wife and mother, I felt that Christy had an acute awareness of the issues that I was grappling with, and she offered practical, sound guidance to help me identify and navigate action plans to assist me in achieving my goals. I engaged Christy as a personal coach for six months and we immediately began to discuss how I came to this point in my life, and engaged in relevant strategies to increase my network, achieve my personal goals, while staying attuned to God’s plan for my life. Christy helped me to become more intentional about my life, rather than just allowing things to happen. This one shift in mindset has been pivotal to my achieving personal success. I would recommend Christy to anyone who feels a bit stuck (in whatever capacity, whether it’s relational, professional, or spiritual) and needs an informed filter to guide direction and appropriate action. In Christy, I have not only found a professional resource, but a friend.


S. Holley

The wisdom Christy Little Jones imparted on me about my calling to be a wife has been invaluable. She has helped me understand what God intends for marriage; more specifically what my role as a wife will be and how to practically implement biblical principles in my season of courtship to prepare for marriage. I have read several Christian books on marriage and becoming a wife. While they were extremely informative, I found them to be out of touch with the realities that I face as a 20-something career woman who desires to be an amazing Godly wife. Christy’s sincerity, honesty and transparency helped me find comfort in knowing that I will be able to balance my two roles. She also helped me understand what God sees as priority—family and serving Him. Christy is an amazing woman with a profound understanding of God’s intention for marriage and family. Working with her has been a wonderful experience. I highly recommend her services for any woman who truly wants to embrace her calling as woman of God and wife.


T. Monterville

When I met Christy several years ago, her inspiration as a wife and woman of God helped me to acknowledge that the relationship that I was in was not fair to me and my desires to eventually become someone’s wife. Being around Christy helped me not to be ashamed of acknowledging what I wanted, needed – and DESERVED in my relationship. Listening to Christy (and God speaking through her) allowed me to be honest with myself and end a relationship with a man who was a “great catch,” but was not ready to be “caught up” in what it took to love me as I deserved.

Her genuine sincerity and interest in coaching me to be authentic in who God created me to be along with recognizing my value, were invaluable as I grow my marriage and friendship with my husband. :-) Thank you, Christy!



A few years ago I hit what felt like rock bottom. I couldn’t think or breathe. I couldn’t even cry. I was barely even existing. Enter CHRISTY… with her joy and exuberance for life – a joy and exuberance that I desperately wanted but didn’t know how to obtain.

Throughout our coaching sessions, Christy’s compassionate, empathetic listening style enable me to open up and expose my deepest fear – that I wasn’t worth loving. Exposing that fear was the first step toward freedom. Christy helped me to realize that the first relationship I needed to focus on was my relationship with myself. She gave me practical steps and assignments and walked with me each step of the way as I revolutionized my relationship WITH MYSELF.

The joy and excitement I experienced in my 20′s is coming back. I love myself, I love life and I am moving forward embracing every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Thank you Christy for helping me get back in the game of life!


It was truly a little miracle when I found Christy Little Jones while reading a magazine article on an airplane while on a business trip last May. When I read it I was floored! It seemed Christy’s story was nearly identical to mine. You see, my husband had confessed his infidelity 6 weeks before and I was walking around like a zombie, going through the motions of life, barely able to function sometimes and in a state of total emotional devastation. After reading Christy’s own, sadly similar story, I felt a strong connection. The way she described how she felt in those first painful moments defined my experience exactly. I HAD to speak to her right away. I contacted Christy and we started my coaching program right away. Even after that first, initial phone call and even though I was in immense pain, I felt an immediate sense of relief, someone who really understood my pain was going to help me! I needed this so badly as my husband and I made a decision to stay together, go for marriage counseling and NOT to tell any of our friends or family. We felt that it would be easier to repair the marriage out of their constant if well-meaning scrutiny. But without anyone to talk to, I felt hopeless and alone. My husband and I spoke a lot and that did help us both immensely but I really needed someone, other than the “offender” to talk to.

Today, we are approaching the 1 year mark of our D-Day and we are better than ever. We rededicated ourselves to the marriage, talked our way through the worst times and continue to do so to this day. We are fortunate to be one of the marriages you hear about that come out the other side of infidelity better than when they went in. Without Christy’s help I’m not sure this would be the case. Christy’s patience, guidance, understanding, empathy, sympathy and friendship got me through. We were in the deep end of the pool for sure and Christy was a life preserver.

I took all of her advice, even when it was difficult to do so and am now the better for it. Dealing with the anger, betrayal, hatred of the other woman, obsessive need for information and the horrible “movies” that played over and over in my head was the hardest thing I have ever done. I could not have gotten past that mountain of pain without real help. Christy was there for me all along the way. She never judged my roller coaster of emotion; instead, she provided loving, sympathetic and understanding support.

I would warmly and highly recommend Christy to anyone going through a similar situation or any other marital or relationship issue. You will find a warm, understanding and extremely helpful woman who has survived her own hard knocks of life and is willing and eager to help those of us that find ourselves in the same sad circumstances. If you let her, she will help you through….

Christy, thank you so much for all you did for me. You are beautiful inside and out and I treasure my time with you as it has helped make me, my marriage and my husband what we are today. Better, stronger and in love again!


Mrs. DAL

I want to thank you, so very much, for helping me to transition through an extremely painful and difficult period in my marriage. Your patience, as you listened to me vent my complaints, was amazing. I loved the way you listened patiently, without interrupting, until I had said all that I needed to say, and was ready to listen to your calm, patient, understanding ideas of what was happening and how important it was for me to stay ‘God-centered’ in everything I thought and everything I did. Your passionate desire to have me forgive, so I could keep growing and moving on in life, without becoming bitter and vengeful was a marriage saver for me. While it was not always easy to take your advice and act accordingly, when I eventually came around to accepting your wise and compassionate council, it proved to be the very best approach for everything I was dealing with. Getting over the anger, feelings of betrayal, letting go of the desire to demand more and more answers, and the desire to revisit, and thus, relive the pain, were all very challenging to overcome. But your council made the transition a little less painful and less difficult to deal with and grow from. I am forever grateful for how you have helped me to forgive, through constant prayer, and staying focused on the important things in life, so I can personally continue to grow and prosper. Today, I am back to being a happily married wife and I will certainly call upon you again and again, as life throws its curve balls my way.


V. Pasley

When I was single, I thought it would be easy to just say my vows and just move on. Boy was I wrong!!!! It takes certain skills to make a marriage work and Christy has been my mentor during my continuous learning process. What does it take to be subservient and what does that mean? How can I be a better wife and mother? What is GOD’s plan for my life and the life of my marriage? Christy has helped me in my journey and continues to take an active interest in how I am doing as a wife and mother. Christy was part of my premarital counseling and at that point, I had to answer the hard questions about sharing my life with someone. Christy did not “sugar coat” the facts and gave me the biblical and present day examples of what GOD expects a wife to do for the family and her husband. Now that I’m married, I can become stubborn and stuck on doing things my way, she gives me “gentle” reminders of GOD’s word and how it relates to marriage. Christy leads by example and has no problem giving you examples on how she has overcome struggles and what has and has not worked for her.

I feel that because of Christy’s love for GOD, people and the commitment of marriage, that’s the reason why I’ve been married for 5 wonderful years and can’t wait for the next 55!!! Any woman who truly wants to prepare herself for marriage would benefit in having the guidance of a spirit filled person, like Christy, in their lives. She has no hidden agendas and just wants everyone to experience the happiness that GOD intended.


C & C. Mills

My husband and I went to Christy and Adrian for advice during one of the toughest times in our marriage. The transparency and grounded wisdom they speak from is truly rare. Through their authenticity and knowledge, they gave us the perspective we needed to handle our conflicts and continue enjoy the FUN of married life!


Thomas and Candace Claiborn IV, authors of “B.L.O.G. To Marriage

Adrian and Christy inspired us to take the proper action steps towards understanding the power we have to influence the world through our marriage and business endeavors. The pre-marital counseling we received from them is so foundational in how we live today as husband and wife.


Naylor and Traci

We count Adrian and Christy as spiritual family and role models. Adrian exemplifies what it means to be the spiritual head of household, a supportive husband and loving father. Christy is the embodiment of motherhood – nurturing, selfless and compassionate. Together they are truly a dynamic duo.


D.C. Miles

Serendipity. Happy accidents. Fate.

I’ve never held much stock in their existence. But I have always believed that there are people intended to be in your life. Not by accident…but by divine appointment. Sometimes you’re ecstatic to meet them and other times, at first encounter, you do everything in your power to avoid them. It doesn’t matter though; those people are intended to hold a place in your life. No matter how you dodge it.

That’s where I found myself nearly three years ago, depressed, lonely and in the middle of a life that seemed pointless. I walked into a church I’d been invited to and into the bright smile of Christy Little Jones. A friend had told me that I should talk to her…that she could help me. But I took one look at her big smile and unceasing optimism and thought ‘no way in the world! What can someone THAT happy know about my life’. For my friends sake I said hello, reluctantly took her number and considered that the end of it. Boy was I ever wrong about that.

Over the next few months I started to talk to her…at first, I didn’t know why. There was just something about her…something that made me begin to wonder if maybe my life wasn’t as pointless as I thought. If maybe, something in me was worth the effort. It wasn’t easy…learning what true friendship and acceptance look like after a life where they’re absent never is. But that’s exactly what Christy became to me…. my sister, and my friend. Christy was patient and accepting. I never had to be someone I wasn’t and she never ceased to encourage me to be the very best version of myself. She believed in me, encouraged me, and got right down in the trenches to fight out life’s battles beside me. She never doubted Gods plan for my life…and didn’t give up until I believed it too.

That’s her nature. She’s a cheerleader…she looks at a person and sees the potential and doesn’t rest until that see it too. She saved my life. Life looks a lot different for me now than it did three years ago. With the love, sisterhood and encouragement I’ve received I’m now living a life I’m proud of and pursuing dreams that seemed impossible when I walked into that church and was blessed to find the sister I never knew I always needed.

But that’s how life works. No data or serendipity. Just God’s plan walking into your life…when you most need it, and least expect it. I’m blessed now to get to see Christy take her gift to the world. To watch while women just like I was learn from her what it means to be accepted and accept the truth that nothing feels as good as accepting yourself and walking boldly into Gods plan for their lives. I thank God every day that he knew what I needed better than I did


A. Kelly

I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Adrian and Christy’s support and guidance, my relationship with my fiancé would have ended a long time ago. After working with the Christy and Adrian, we communicate and support each other better and have a deeper love and admiration for one another.


Traci Fitzhugh, M.D., F.A.C.O.G

“Christy inspired me to move beyond my professional comfort zone and pursue a new business venture. Her wise and frank counsel holds me accountable to being the person I want to be. I am constantly in awe of her courageous nature and her many gifts."


Kea M.

The Lord places people in your life as a means for Him to love you and encourage you in the flesh. Meeting and talking to Christy Little Jones is a reminder of just that. Prior to formally meeting Christy, her heart to love on those she interacted with was apparent in the interactions I saw between her and other ladies at our church home. During the time of our wedding planning, Christy and her husband reached out to my fiancé (at the time) and I in hopes to simply get to know us better. In that meeting, Christy opened not only her home, but her heart to us. The transparency in the experiences Christy shared challenged us and made us comfortable with sharing our own. The responses Christy provided, gave us new perspective on how to relate to one another in our courting and as husband and wife. After that initial meeting, Christy and I have been afforded additional opportunities to connect one-on-one. Every time I see her, she greets me with a smile, a hug and warm words. What I appreciate most is Christy’s passion to share her unfiltered wisdom with me. More than once, she has given me an “insiders” look into her role as a wife in her marriage; thus, encouraging me to be a better me — disciple and wife. Thank you.


K. Perkins

Christy helped me to see that marriage is more than “I love you’s” and hanging out with my best friend. While marriage does encompass those things, it is so much more. She was able to give me a “real” picture (by example and testimony) of the many facets of marriage. Christy keeps it real! That let me know that we would definitely have areas of growth, even if we didn’t see them initially. I also learned that expectations could be the very thing that needs to be adjusted. Expect to NOT have your expectations met.

From listening to Christy and Adrian at various events around town (Busboys, etc), I was able to gain valuable knowledge about what it takes to be a complete “me” before joining as one with my husband. It gave my then, fiancé’ and I a lot of food for thought and new discussion topics to ponder. We were able to see that difficult times in a marriage are inevitable, however, with God as the central part of our relationship, we can make it through it all.

Christy doesn’t sugar coat. Not only is she translucent to the general public, she is willing to get transparent with you, if you allow her to go deeper! It is all for the glory of God and her ministry.


J. Thompson, Ph.D

Christy demonstrates through her own personal experiences that marriage is not always picture perfect, but there is a godly way to work through your issues. She makes it CRYSTAL CLEAR that after marriage is when the real work begins, it’s when the devil will really attack you, and thus I didn’t have a romanticized view of marriage, but rather a purposeful view of what my marriage would entail.

The greatest thing Christy could have ever shared with me before taking my vows was when you shared how Adrian was acting after you gave birth and you dropped to your knees and began praying because YOU KNEW GOD HAD CALLED HIM TO BE YOUR HUSBAND thus you were able to fearlessly have faith in the promise God made you in blessing you with Adrian. In my short time married, I have had to rely on God’s promise and his word regarding my marriage, but I was only able to do it because I sought him BEFORE I got married based on your testimony. Christy helped me to understand that it was my God ordained role to be his helper, which has helped me be less critical and more nurturing when I’m helping him in areas he is less efficient in. One of the biggest things I learned from Christy was how crucial it is to only seek marriage if it fulfills God’s purpose and not your own because marriage is about God getting you to where He wants you to be./p>

Christy has an amazing ability to speak on the reality of marriage without instilling fear or doubt. I think her balance on sharing the blessing and the challenge marriage can be is phenomenal. The first year can be the hardest. And the honeymoon can literally end after the honeymoon. But it gets better if you stay strong and connected to Christ =).


Christy was on point and gave wisdom. My experience working with her helped me realize that I can be more of the issue than what I thought. Everything is not just on the surface. This experience helped me to dig deep and it was wisdom from someone who knew what I had been through. If she could do it, so can I. If she could make it through it, so can I.