I grew up in beautiful, sunny Santa Barbara, California, one mile away from the beach, within walking distance to the Santa Barbara Mission. I could not have asked for a more beautiful place to live. I was popular, I had amazing friends and loved my school. There was only one thing wrong. I didn't love MYSELF! I grew up as the "token" Black girl rocking size 8 jeans among my beautiful blonde and brunette friends who made every effort to let me know that they wore a size 0. 

I always felt like the "big girl" of the group and my self-esteem began to spiral before it even had a chance to start! Dieting was the topic of all of our conversations. Before I knew it, I started to believe that I was fat and ugly. I was barely 14 when I had asked my best friend how she stayed so skinny. She took me into her bathroom and showed me how to make myself throw up! She said that she eats whatever she wants and throws it up afterwards, so that the calories don't stay in her body!

I believed her. For the next year, I tried my hardest to be like my friends . . . skinny. I tried her system of binging and purging, because I wanted so desperately to be a size 0. The harder I tried, the more I felt like a failure. 

I remember getting on the scale and being so excited because I was at an all time low . . . 121 pounds! I thought I looked great! I was jolted quickly back into reality when a someone told me that I would "really" look great, if I lost 10 more pounds! 

Devastation took over and I was no longer the same. I struggled for many years after that moment by comparing myself to other women and longing to look like someone I could never be. 

It wasn't until I turned 30 that I intentionally started the journey of loving myself. Only 4% of women worldwide think they are beautiful according to a study conducted by Dove. Too many women are less than happy with their appearance and spend countless hours comparing themselves to someone they are not supposed to be. 

Seventy-five percent of women look in the mirror and do not like what they see. We are bombarded with images of beautiful women in magazines, on television and in the movies, but we never think about the team of people it took to get them looking that way. 

So today, I want to challenge you to CHOOSE to love yourself from head to toe, regardless of how you feel in your skin right now, and despite the 20 pounds that you have been trying to loose . . . forever. Be intentional! Stop comparing yourself to others. It's time to discover your beauty . . . deep within. Embrace your unique shape, color and size. There is no one in the world that is made like you! You are one of a kind! God spared no expense at creating you just as you are! Celebrate today! You are wonderfully and marvelously made!

Posted on October 21, 2016 .


The definition of DECISION is
: the ability to make choices quickly and confidently

Why do so many people hesitate to make even the simplest of decisions like what to order at a restaurant or even which movie to see at the theater? In today's culture, we are faced with so many choices, it leaves many of us overwhelmed, overworked and numb. Choices tend to make people anxious and make some feel like they are closing the door to other possibilities and opportunities.

Good decision-making is a skill that can be learned. And once it's learned and practiced, making decisions can bring the peace of mind and comfort that we're looking for. So, here are some quick tips that will help you to stop stalling and turn procrastination into positive action!

1. YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING! Think about it . . . you can't get married and then still live the single life! Choices are necessary! The better you get at making decisions, the more confident you will become and the less anxiety you will feel. Keep practicing!

2. STOP OVERTHINKING YOUR DECISION! The worst feeling is to buy a plane ticket and find the same flight 30 minutes later for $300 less! STOP LOOKING! Trust yourself, make the decision and move on!

3. DON'T DELAY IN YOUR DECISION-MAKING - unless you need more information to make the decision, you are giving your power away to the fear of making a choice! When you hand over your power, you lose control of the situation and it's over! DONE DEAL!

4. TRUST WITHIN and DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP! - Sometimes things just don't go as planned. Oh well! You made the best decision at the time you made it! You can't always take responsibility for the outcome, your job was just to decide.c The beauty of it all is, if things don't work out . . . you have the opportunity to make a different decision!


Six Weeks

Healed Heart

Love Received

Purpose Revealed

Promise Given . . . WHAT IS THERE TO DECIDE?




Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to let go of all of of your personal pressure, cares, and concerns? All of them?

Have you ever had that feeling when you GO-GO-GO so hard to meet a goal, fulfill a desire, live a passion, or finally experience your dream? But, as you forge ahead and keep pushing day after day and year after year, the goal, desire, passion or dream never seems to come. . .  it feels like a never-ending uphill battle! 

And then, one day . . .

In only a flicker of a moment, you imagine letting everything go . . . in your mind, your body and your soul.  And for 30 seconds, your conscious wanders thinking of how free you would be letting it all go! "Should I cut bait and roll out? Start over or just give up and forget about it all?" "What would happen if I stopped climbing? What would happen if I stopped everything and let it all go? Would anyone care? Would it even matter?

The answer is, Yes! It would matter.

God has given each one of us a grand purpose to be fulfilled and carried out here on earth until our last breath. So, why do we think our amazing gifts and the responsibility to use them should come easy? I could get super-spiritual and say, "it is easy!" But then, real talk . . . if you don't KNOW what your gifts are, or don't even have a clue about your purpose, then you won't realize there is a responsibility to use them, share them and give them to as many people as you can.  

It is only when we spend time being still and listening to our soul's whispers and following through with them, that a whole new understanding of who you are emerges.

There are many distractions pulling at you from all different directions, trying to steal your attention and take you out of the game, but you must stay alert! As a star player, it is critical that you pay attention to each "play" you're given during practice. Take good notes and study them long and hard, so that when it's "game time," and God calls your number, you are truly prepared and ready to go!




A few days ago, I was thinking about a few years ago when my family went to Adventure Dome at Circus, Circus in Las Vegas. It was an exciting time for us because it was the first time all of my children were tall enough to get on ALL of the rides. Now, they are all almost taller than me! As soon as we walked into to Adventure Park, there stands a "free fall" ride called The Sling Shot. When you climb into the chairs on the bottom of the ride, it shoots you up to the top like a sling shot, pauses for 3 seconds and then releases you to free fall to the bottom. Whew! Scary, right? Well, Blaze, my now 11-year-old, was only 7 years old at the time and has always been very brave. He wanted to go on the ride immediately and convinced his then, 6-year-old brother, Hayes and 9-year-old sister, Skye to join him.

Hayes eagerly got in line with his "big brother" and after watching the ride "in action" a few times, quickly finessed his way out of the crowd with tears in his eyes yelling, "Mommy? I don't want to go on this ride!" I came to his rescue and wiped his tears whispering, "it's ok, baby." Adrian abruptly interrupted our moment with, "no way! Un-uh! Let's go, Hayes! You can do this!" He takes Hayes' arm and what felt like pulling him from my grip, directed him back to get in line.

My heart jumped and my teeth clinched as only a mother could relate, as she watched her child do something that they were petrified to do.  

Hayes could barely climb into the seat. After a few attempts, he strapped himself in, pulled down the harness and through crocodile tears gave me a terrified gaze. I held his gaze with the biggest, Mommy-really-isn't-scared smile and mouthed, "you can do it!" Before I could finish, he was shot into the air and all I could see were his size 2's dangling from the seat. I counted, "one...two...three!" My breathing stopped . . . I heard screams blended with the mechanical sounds of the ride's hydraulics. In less than 10 seconds, Hayes was back in front of me, wearing a smile of pride and relief. I screamed and cheered as onlookers couldn't help but smile and join in the celebration, as I congratulated by "baby's" first major roller coaster ride! He exited the ride with a grin that I will remember for the rest of my life! It was a grin that humbly, yet confidently became a fundamental piece of his subconscious beliefs; something I knew in that moment he would pull from for decades to come.

"Hayes! You did it! And, you did it afraid!!" I hugged him and cheered and squeezed him as tightly as I could without cutting off his circulation. I looked right into his eyes, and whispered, "I AM SOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!"  

In that moment, I realized that this lesson wasn't only for Hayes, but for me.

I have had many opportunities at doing life afraid. I have even gotten in line . . . grad school, starting a new business, leaving a job, getting married and having a baby!

As a business owner and new CEO, I watched and studied other successful entrepreneurs, waiting for my turn to experience success! Comparison, impatience, insecurity and fear would often show up uninvited and I would quickly shoo them out the door by reminding myself of the reason I got in line in the first place.  Discouragement and distraction would knock, but I dare not open the door, in fear of the possibility that I may not get back in line.

Numerous times, I thought about getting out of line before it was my turn. Sometimes, I even talked myself out of experiencing the thrill of the ride, in an effort to comfort my paralyzing fear. I was tempted to duck under the rail, when I allowed the voice of distraction or discouragement to become louder than God's gentle push and a soft whisper, "you can do this!" But, over time, I became more confident and clear about the reasons why I was even in line in the first place.  I realized that I was in line for a bigger purpose and it had nothing to do with me! I was supposed to be in line, because God placed me there and He had something in store for me to learn, experience and share!  

In the past few weeks, fear has reared it's ugly head! I was quickly reminded of how I felt at the base of The Sling Shot ride several years ago.  

Here's what I learned . . . 

  1. Pursuing your passion is a decision and walking in your calling is a choice.  
  2. Fear will always try to distract you from experiencing the thrill of God showing up
  3. When we decide to do something afraid, we have to really trust God with our process and get out of the way!
  4. We have to remain faithful and maintain the courage to get on the ride, strap in, pull down the harness and hold on while holding His gaze.
  5. God believes in you and is always cheering and screaming for you every step of the way!
  6. At the end of your journey, people who watched from the sidelines will be inspired and encouraged to stay in their own line and wait their turn.

What "line" in life have you gotten out of because of fear? Getting a degree? Writing a book? Having a baby?

Take courage! Get back in line. Get on the ride. Strap up and keep your gaze on God. People are watching you! Make the decision to . . .  DO IT AFRAID! YOU CAN DO IT!


For over 13 years, I have worked with women, engaged couples and married couples in crisis and I have learned a thing or two from working with both men and women.  


Men and women think and act very differently, consequently God has created them to live, thrive and act as ONE in marriage.  Don't get me wrong, there are many days when I feel like God is laughing at me striving to become ONE with my husband, who is completely opposite of me, but on the days things can't be anymore aligned, I hold on to them for as long as I can.

After working for years with married women, I have heard similar frustrations, disappointments and violations of her expectation from married women of all ages, nationalities, races, and cultures. 

There is an attack on marriages from the enemy to cause division, distance, and distractions, so I thought I would help my brothers out by making it as easy and plain as I can, when it comes to connecting physically, emotionally and spiritually with your wife! I have gathered the top 15 need-to-know secrets every husband must know about his wife to get her in the mood for love! So, here we go...

1. It's okay to say, "I'm sorry!" She won't think you're "soft." In fact, your apology may be the best method to help her change her attitude!  

Secret #1: Fighting to be right will only send her in the wrong direction.

2. Be nice to her throughout the day, NOT just before you want some! Come on, guys! Really? Don't you know that being loving, kind and attentive to your wife throughout the day is the best practice to having a wonderful evening? Okay, I have heard one too many guys say, "that's too much work!" why did you get married again? You couldn't possibly think that the work you put in to "get us", wouldn't be necessary to keep us, did you?

Secret #2: Your wife wants to be pursued again! Put in the work, she's worth it!

3. When your wife asks you to do something around the house, please don't wait weeks to get it done! Make it a priority to you because it's a priority to her!

Secret #3: Your procrastination really does get on her nerves!

4. Don't go to bed without kissing her goodnight! This goes for both spouses! 

Secret #4: This may seem like a small gesture, but it's an awesome display of affection towards her, especially coming out of conflict. Your gesture quietly lets her know that you love her and you are committed to her, no matter what!

5. Make her feel like WHO she is is important to you! Ask her how her day was...and really listen! Don't just ask to check off the box!

Secret #5: Getting to know your wife's heart is very important to her. Women are very relational and feel closest to those who "SEE" her for who she really is.  You are the closest person to her, spend time learning, recognizing and acknowledging your wife's strengths and God-given gifts and talents.

6. Engage with her emotionally! Put the phone down, turn off the tv or computer and give her your undivided attention!

Secret #6: Don't be surprised if your wife loses her train of thought when you give her your undivided attention. Many wives are used to having to compete with other things that are important to their husbands! So, when you acknowledge she's a priority, she may just look at you with nothing to say, because she had to stop to take it all in! LOL 

7. Learn her LOVE LANGUAGE and practice it DAILY!

Secret #7: Everyone gives and receives love differently, so if you are loving your wife the way YOU want to be loved and NOT the way she wants to be loved, we've got a problem, right? Well, thanks to Gary Chapman, you both can take a simple and easy quiz to find out your love language! TAKE TEST NOW!

8. When you see your wife running around the house cooking, cleaning, checking homework and washing clothes, don't just sit there thinking about how grateful you are to have a great wife and mother to your children...OFFER TO HELP HER!!!!

Secret #8: Please, DON'T wait for an invitation!!! This behavior is guaranteed to send your wife far, far away from "being in the mood for love" because she's too tired from doing everything! 

9. Tell her she's beautiful often and mean it!

Secret #9: Hearing you are beautiful NEVER GETS OLD! Especially from your husband, just make sure it's genuine.

10. Treat her like you did when you were heavily pursuing her before she was your wife!

Secret #10: Don't ever take your wife for granted, she is valuable and precious. When you make her feel like you value and adore her, watch how much changes in your marriage!

11. Plan a weekend getaway within the next 90 days, even if it's a staycation!

Secret #11: Reconnecting with your spouse is essential to your marriage. It's not healthy for your marriage to keep grinding and just surviving, without taking a break and refocusing on what's really important...each other and your family!

12. Get back to having fun! 

Secret #12: Life happens! Don't allow situations and circumstances to pull you off balance from thriving in your marriage and in life! Get out and have some fun immediately!

13: Take her on your journey!

Secret #13: Your wife wants to be included in the details of your life, share with her what you're thinking, feeling and dreaming. This sparks instant emotional connection and will most likely get her in the mood for love. Easy-peasy!

14. Love her like God is watching you every minute!

Secret #14: Talk about accountability!?!?! Wow! You will have a NEW wife and a NEW marriage if you adopt this practice as a lifestyle! PROMISE!

15. Celebrate your wife in front of your kids!

Secret #15: When you celebrate, love and cherish your wife in front of your children, your sons will know how to treat their wives and your daughters will know how to be treated! The power of influence at its finest! 


This list is just to get you started! I found that many of these things apply to the majority of marriages. To hone in on the secrets that have a personal application for your marriage, start with this activity:

  • Take this list and go through it together, pin pointing which secrets apply, create a common definition between you and put together an action plan to put these best practices to work.

Share with your married friends! It takes a stay happily married!

What changes can you make in your marriage this week to get things back on track? Please place a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts!  


A wife’s influence creates powerful change within her husband!”
— Christy Little Jones

When I first became Adrian's wife, I really didn't understand the magnitude of this position.  I realized that we would be together til death does us part, but in the beginning, I really didn't understand the position, power, authority, and responsibility that came with being a wife! The position a wife holds has amazing influence towards your husband. I never realized how significant my daily example, personal confidence, and character was observed by him.

Along my journey in wifehood, I discovered . . . 

When I completely trust my husband's decision for our family, it reminds him to trust himself; which elevates his desire to lead! Wife Influence!

When I respond to my husband with honor and respect, it reminds him to stay humble and serve others with love.

Wife Influence! 

When I seek to reconcile after a conflict over the need to be right, it reminds my husband that I AM on his team.

Wife Influence!

Simply telling my husband that I love being his wife, reminds him that I appreciate him and he made the right choice!

Wife Influence!

Wives, you have the power to affirm and elevate or hurt and discourage your husbands with your words and actions. Wife influence is a skill that must be developed and used to encourage greatness and leadership in your husband. 

Wife influence is a beautiful expression of love and support towards your husband. Today you have a choice, and you can choose to:


your husband's lead by supporting his decisions.


your husband by reminding him of his own strength, resilience, and commitment to you and your family.


your husband through your words, initiative and actions. 

By understanding your position as a wife, you have the ability to influence your spouse in a positive and compassionate way. You have the ability to uplift and transform you, your spouse, your marriage and your entire family! It's a WIN-WIN!

What choice will you make today?


My son, Blaze had his first real encounter with playing a team sport today. At the dinner table, I noticed that Blaze had been crying.  When I asked him what was wrong, he didn't want to talk about it.  When I went to tuck them in for the night, I pressed a little more and he said, "Mom if I tell you, you can't freak out on the coach."  I said immediately "okay buddy, I won't!." I thought to myself, "well, I hope I don't become a liar!"

"Mom! The coach said I wasn't good enough today to play tight end!"

I hesitated for a quick moment and said, "Okay, so what did you say?"

He said, "Nothing. Then, the defensive coach came and got me."

Okay, y'all momma's out there KNOW the self-control I had to exercise, right?

I took a deep breath and just softly said, "Do you believe him?" He shrugged his shoulders as if he was uncertain. I sat down on his bed and said, "Okay, Blaze, you have two choices. You can believe what this coach said about you, or you can believe what God said about you."

The coach said that you weren't good enough, but what did God say?

God said that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and you are made in HIS image.  God said, that He who is in YOU is GREATER than HE who is in the world! God said He called you out of darkness into His marvelous light to glorify him!

So, let me tell you Blaze, how this all works.

The enemy HAS to use someone in order to steal God's promise for your life because he has NO power over us unless we give it to him! The enemy HAS to use someone to kill your dreams of playing football and the enemy HAS to use someone to destroy God's purpose for your life! And guess what? Baby, you have to choose who you are going to believe! Are you going to believe this person who has known you for 5 days or are you going to believe the ONE who created you? You have a choice, baby, but you must be clear about your decision!!

Have you ever heard mommy talk about when she was a young girl and people used to tell me that I was beautiful to be so dark? He nodded. Well, Grammy and Poppy didn't KNOW to tell me that I HAD A CHOICE! I had a choice to believe the people who said what they said or I had a choice to believe what God said!  But, let me tell you, buddy! YOUR mommy knows how to tell you!!!!!

So, Blaze, what's your choice? Who are you going to believe? Are you going to believe what the coach said about you or are you going to believe what God said about you?

He replied, "God!" . . . Right!

So, when any of your coaches says something that is NOT TRUE, what are you supposed to do? Focus on what God says about me! 

Right, baby, it's important to stay focused on who God says you are and what He says about you!!

What started off as a puddle of tears quickly turned into high fives and confusion turned into confidence!

I kissed him goodnight and realized in that moment, that this conversation was only the first of many along my journey of making a champion!

God makes champions with His Word.

Moms make champions with her influence.

Dads make champions with his approval.

There was someone in your life who said something that you chose to believe over what God said.




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I love being a wife.

I dreamt of being a wife since I was a little girl. I would daydream about holding hands, traveling the world making amazing memories and being madly in love with my husband! I saw us as a powerful couple, who gave back to others and made a difference in people' lives! While I thought about being married more than anything else on many days, I never really knew what being a wife entailed until...I was one!

Marriage can be amazing and I wanted to share a bit of encouragement that I have gathered along my journey of being a HAPPY WIFE!


When I first got married, I was a MAJOR people-pleaser! I hated disappointing my husband, Adrian and I hated having hard conversations even more! So, my opinions, thoughts, and even ideas stayed in my mouth because I didn't understand that what I had to say or share was valuable and necessary! I didn't understand that God brought me and Adrian together for a reason and who He created me to be was designed to make Adrian better and vice verse.


In my experience as a relationship and marriage coach, one of the biggest disappointments in marriage are your expectations for marriage not being met.  When there is a violation of your expectation in marriage, many couples don't know what to do! So, they are mean to each other, threaten, withhold sex, manipulate and distance themselves from one another until...they "get" what they expected. This is a harsh reality for some couples, especially for those who are of the selfish kind. LOL God's purpose in marriage is to become more like Him, to reflect His love towards your spouse, leave a Godly legacy for your children and to love others. I know in my own spiritual walk, becoming more like God requires a lot of unconditional love, sacrifice, patience, grace, a heart to serve and a whole bunch of humility.  How are you doing with becoming more like God in your marriage? I'm just saying!


It makes me beyond happy to make Adrian happy! I love seeing his appreciation when I make him a priority in my life.  He feels loved and well taken care of and all is well with his world.  While giving your spouse the attention he desires, may come at a sacrifice on your part, he deserves it, right? could have stayed single and then had all the time to yourself you wanted.


Okay, let's be real.  Being married after 2...5...10...20 years is very different from the first weeks following saying, "I do." I get it! We all want to hold on to the butterflies and sheer joy we experienced after he proposed, the excitement of planning for the wedding and great fulfillment and joy of being a "Mrs." for the first time on your honeymoon. Then, "LIFE HAPPENS," and for some couples, all hell breaks loose and they are quick to forget those first tender moments in the beginning of their life together. So, what I have learned in our moments of crisis in marriage when I have had enough and I don't think I can "do this" for the rest of my life, I remind myself of the moments leading up to when I said, "I do." I go back to that moment when I knew God said, this was the man He created for me. Then, I take my eyes of the greener grass and get a grip!!!!


We all know that the top reasons couples get divorced are over sex, finances and communication, right? So, what I have learned over the years, is that what makes me a happy wife in times of conflict and controversy, even when everything inside me wants to avoid confrontation and overlook offense, I owe it to myself, my husband and our marriage to stay in the conversation. It's very easy to run and hide when you're the offender and what your marriage needs most requires humility, an apology, and taking ownership and responsibility for your actions! I don't know any husband or wife who LOVES apologizing when they're wrong, but I promise you, when you learn how to take ownership for your actions and learn to apologize quickly, you will swiftly move into the happy wife category!


In my journey of discovering who God created me to be, it required me to learn more about who He was.  During that process, I learned who God created ME to be! I learned how much He loved me and how there is nothing I could do to earn His love and there was nothing I could do that made Him take it away. I learned that He already knew the end result of everything that I was going through, and He promised me that it would always turn out for MY good! I learned that I was beautiful, valuable and wonderfully made.  I learned that I have the power to create anything I want if I trust and believe in Him. And I learned how to live through faith just because I decided to believe all that I learned about Him was true. I am completely convinced that it is because of my relationship with God that I AM A HAPPY WIFE!


Did you know that being happy is hereditary? Research shows that as much as up to 50% of being a happy person may contribute to your genes! I have been a happy person for as long as I can remember. It doesn't mean that I don't have down days or that I don't get sad from time to time, but I LOVE BEING HAPPY!! I love experiencing life through happy lenses! I have experienced life through offended lenses, pity party lenses, and ungrateful lenses and I hated it! It made me feel heavy and sluggish! BLAH! Who wants to feel like that? So, I decided to be happy! Every day, I choose to be happy, and guess is!! There is power in your thoughts, your words, and your actions! And when they align, what you create is integrity with yourself!  It's the BEST EVER! Try it!

Well, these are only a few examples of the wife wisdom I have learned along my journey. Although marriage is designed to make you more like God, and you will most likely face many ups and downs, marriage can be wonderfully amazing! Especially, if that's what you DECIDE it will be!

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The very minute I entered my 40's something shifted. My mindset, my tolerance, and my attitude. I was tired of tolerating fear, rejection, hurt and judgment. The swarm of negative beliefs rooted in my soul lay dormant until faced with failure, struggle or anxiety from the past.

I remember the lump in my throat and the sweat ring under my arm pit when an uncomfortable conversation needed to be had. Who likes facing the fear of rejection or even worse, someone pulling their love away? NOT ME!!

This is how I felt for many years. I avoided confrontation at all costs and I jumped through hoops to feel approved. My relentless desire to be liked and approved by others overshadowed my desire to share my soul's truth! It was in these moments, I turned my back on myself and allowed betrayal to slip in.

It wasn't until I was completely exhausted from people-pleasing, that I made the decision to love differently. . . TO LOVE ME DIFFERENTLY!

The journey towards self-discovery began. I became laser focused in my pursuit of understanding who God was, who He said I was and what He put me on this earth to do!  Slowly, I became less afraid of speaking my truth and more aware of the importance of it! I realized that truth doesn't have to hurt, in fact, truth proclaims freedom! The buzz in my head from lies and negative thinking began to hum to a new tune! I began rehearsing God's Word in my mind over and over, every minute, every week . . . until something changed!

The first step was to forgive ME! Whew! This was much harder than I thought it would be. I forgave myself for betraying my heart and silencing my voice. Then, I started talking and telling myself the truth about who God said I was. I started saying that I was beautiful, wonderful, smart, strong, powerful, kind, compassionate and loving. I told myself that it was okay to cry when I saw other people hurting and it was okay to cry when I see them rejoice! I told myself that I didn't have to be embarrassed or scared to feel and express my truest, most intimate thoughts. I told myself that God made me this way and it was time to express the truth of who I AM!

As a coach, mentor and cheerleader to women, many trust their hearts to me.  It's a privilege I hold dear. But many still cower to the intimidation of fear. No longer sisters!

It's time to take center stage in your life's journey and live boldly in your purpose! It's time to raise your voice and sing loud the truth of your heart. It's time to rise up with confidence and THRIVE as you share your gifts with the world! Now, it is time for YOU to move from behind the curtains and SHINE, SISTER, SHINE!





Raising a world changer is no easy mission. Parenting is one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding tasks there is! While raising a child with strong, healthy values is important, being an intentional parent almost always produces a great outcome. The effort you put into raising, guiding and imparting principles to a child now, in the present, will harvest a strong, forward-thinking world changing the future. 

Being who you want your child to be carries more influence than most people know. The transfer that happens from your heart and habits to your child's heart and habits are fascinating! You know that saying, "kids do what you say, not what you do?" Well, it's NOT TRUE! Your kids not only do what you do, they say what you say and behave the way you behave!

So, I am calling you out parents to assess your own intention, confession and behavior. Are you being everything you want your children to be? If not, you can choose to change at any moment!

Change starts with choosing to change! So, as you reflect on being the example for your children, I have listed FIVE principles designed to help you raise your child/ren into amazing world changers! 

1. Study Your Child

As the parent of world changer children, you must start with a vision. What are your children's natural gifts? What are their interests? Sit down with each child in your household and ask them what they believe their gifts are and how do they want to use them to bring change into the world? Incorporate their answers with who you know them to be.

2. Have a Strategic Plan

Now that you have identified a few of your child's gifts, talents and interests, start taking action and putting those gifts into practice. To keep you on track, begin to set goals that lead to a purpose with a desired outcome. For example: if your son or daughter loves animals, come up with ways together that his or her love for animals can change the world. Depending on the age of your child, volunteer at an animal shelter or dog sit for a friend. If reading is your child's interest, bring her to read to seniors at a retirement community. Serving happiness and impacting someone's life always makes the world a better place for all.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency requires commitment and discipline. Consistency is the glue that holds your vision and child's strategic plan together. If you are wishy-washy or don't follow through, you can't expect to gain the positive results. Be sure to be intentional, and have integrity throughout the process. Integrity imparts a very valuable principle to your child.

4. Allow Room for Exploring

Experience is the best teacher!  When we create the space for our child/ren to explore, learning and development takes place in a natural way. A child who explores his or her ideas, thoughts and beliefs through action gains the freedom to engage with others on a deeper level. Exploring helps us to discover who we are, what we like and what we don't like.  

5. Be Your Child's Biggest Cheerleader

Your words hold power and your position has long-lasting influence. Make the decision now to support and encourage your child no matter what you may be experiencing as a parent. Be careful with your words; choose them wisely. Be a parent that your son or daughter can trust with their innermost secrets and fears. If your child trusts you, he or she will give you their heart and you will gain life-long access into their journey of changing the world!