The very minute I entered my 40's something shifted. My mindset, my tolerance, and my attitude. I was tired of tolerating fear, rejection, hurt and judgment. The swarm of negative beliefs rooted in my soul lay dormant until faced with failure, struggle or anxiety from the past.

I remember the lump in my throat and the sweat ring under my arm pit when an uncomfortable conversation needed to be had. Who likes facing the fear of rejection or even worse, someone pulling their love away? NOT ME!!

This is how I felt for many years. I avoided confrontation at all costs and I jumped through hoops to feel approved. My relentless desire to be liked and approved by others overshadowed my desire to share my soul's truth! It was in these moments, I turned my back on myself and allowed betrayal to slip in.

It wasn't until I was completely exhausted from people-pleasing, that I made the decision to love differently. . . TO LOVE ME DIFFERENTLY!

The journey towards self-discovery began. I became laser focused in my pursuit of understanding who God was, who He said I was and what He put me on this earth to do!  Slowly, I became less afraid of speaking my truth and more aware of the importance of it! I realized that truth doesn't have to hurt, in fact, truth proclaims freedom! The buzz in my head from lies and negative thinking began to hum to a new tune! I began rehearsing God's Word in my mind over and over, every minute, every week . . . until something changed!

The first step was to forgive ME! Whew! This was much harder than I thought it would be. I forgave myself for betraying my heart and silencing my voice. Then, I started talking and telling myself the truth about who God said I was. I started saying that I was beautiful, wonderful, smart, strong, powerful, kind, compassionate and loving. I told myself that it was okay to cry when I saw other people hurting and it was okay to cry when I see them rejoice! I told myself that I didn't have to be embarrassed or scared to feel and express my truest, most intimate thoughts. I told myself that God made me this way and it was time to express the truth of who I AM!

As a coach, mentor and cheerleader to women, many trust their hearts to me.  It's a privilege I hold dear. But many still cower to the intimidation of fear. No longer sisters!

It's time to take center stage in your life's journey and live boldly in your purpose! It's time to raise your voice and sing loud the truth of your heart. It's time to rise up with confidence and THRIVE as you share your gifts with the world! Now, it is time for YOU to move from behind the curtains and SHINE, SISTER, SHINE!