My son, Blaze had his first real encounter with playing a team sport today. At the dinner table, I noticed that Blaze had been crying.  When I asked him what was wrong, he didn't want to talk about it.  When I went to tuck them in for the night, I pressed a little more and he said, "Mom if I tell you, you can't freak out on the coach."  I said immediately "okay buddy, I won't!." I thought to myself, "well, I hope I don't become a liar!"

"Mom! The coach said I wasn't good enough today to play tight end!"

I hesitated for a quick moment and said, "Okay, so what did you say?"

He said, "Nothing. Then, the defensive coach came and got me."

Okay, y'all momma's out there KNOW the self-control I had to exercise, right?

I took a deep breath and just softly said, "Do you believe him?" He shrugged his shoulders as if he was uncertain. I sat down on his bed and said, "Okay, Blaze, you have two choices. You can believe what this coach said about you, or you can believe what God said about you."

The coach said that you weren't good enough, but what did God say?

God said that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and you are made in HIS image.  God said, that He who is in YOU is GREATER than HE who is in the world! God said He called you out of darkness into His marvelous light to glorify him!

So, let me tell you Blaze, how this all works.

The enemy HAS to use someone in order to steal God's promise for your life because he has NO power over us unless we give it to him! The enemy HAS to use someone to kill your dreams of playing football and the enemy HAS to use someone to destroy God's purpose for your life! And guess what? Baby, you have to choose who you are going to believe! Are you going to believe this person who has known you for 5 days or are you going to believe the ONE who created you? You have a choice, baby, but you must be clear about your decision!!

Have you ever heard mommy talk about when she was a young girl and people used to tell me that I was beautiful to be so dark? He nodded. Well, Grammy and Poppy didn't KNOW to tell me that I HAD A CHOICE! I had a choice to believe the people who said what they said or I had a choice to believe what God said!  But, let me tell you, buddy! YOUR mommy knows how to tell you!!!!!

So, Blaze, what's your choice? Who are you going to believe? Are you going to believe what the coach said about you or are you going to believe what God said about you?

He replied, "God!" . . . Right!

So, when any of your coaches says something that is NOT TRUE, what are you supposed to do? Focus on what God says about me! 

Right, baby, it's important to stay focused on who God says you are and what He says about you!!

What started off as a puddle of tears quickly turned into high fives and confusion turned into confidence!

I kissed him goodnight and realized in that moment, that this conversation was only the first of many along my journey of making a champion!

God makes champions with His Word.

Moms make champions with her influence.

Dads make champions with his approval.

There was someone in your life who said something that you chose to believe over what God said.




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