I'm a good girl.

I follow the rules, I respect authority and I don't shake up the status quo . . . until now. Change can be scary, intimidating and sometimes paralyzing! Although change isn't always fun, how many of you would agree that sometimes . . . change can be good? It's so easy to get caught up in the "rat-race" and end up living a life that is comfortable, safe and flat. What I mean by flat is a life that is low-risk, calculated and pretty much BORING!! That used to be me. Risk taking was not a thrilling past time for me. I thrived in action that was very thought out, researched and planned. I liked knowing what to expect and I liked knowing what I was "IN" for. Can I get an, "amen?" 

Don't we all want to live a "safe" life? I've always heard that after 40 you see life differently, but "HONEY!?!?" I never expected it to look like this!!! Yes, it's wonderful being wiser, more authentic and confident, no doubt, but can I just tell you that living a "safe" life that is boring and flat is NOT the life God has planned for you. Let me say it in another way, you are not supposed to live your life in the SAFE ZONE!

You are created for a specific purpose, full of abundance, prosperity, faith, adventure, love and joy. Life isn't supposed to be calculated . . . there are too many variables. Life was designed to teach you, grow you and mature you into the MAGNIFICENT woman that you already are on the inside. And until you know and believe that BRILLIANT is who you are, you will remain in your box...playing it safe.

Well, I have good news! It's time to move from the safe zone into the faith zone! I am here to stretch you and push out of your comfort zone. Be honest! Do you really want to be in the exact same place 2 years from now? Doing the same thing? Seeing and experiencing life the exact same way? I hope not! You were not created to remain stagnant! Get out of God's way and let Him do His thing with your life!

Here are your first steps:


Are you a calculated risk taker? If your answer is YES, then this is a classic sign that you are afraid of failure, making a wrong decision or subconsciously, you really don't believe that you can do it. But consciously, you hope it works out in your favor and quite frankly you would probably be shocked if it did! Don't feel bad, I totally understand!

This approach to life is really is a negative mindset.

FAITH ZONE ACTION: The first step is recognizing that you are trying to manage your risk taking activities, and whenever you do that, you can NEVER GO ALL IN! Did you know that when you give less than 100% in anything, you will NEVER fully experience what God has waiting for you on the other side? So, you must make a decision that requires intentional action! You must decide to press through the FEAR of making a mistake. You must decide that being criticized and uncomfortable in your skin is only a temporary feeling, on your way to discovering your AMAZING! So decide today to take action...take inventory of what you really believe and make the decision to move into the faith zone! I promise...the more you practice taking risks the more fear disappears.


This is a big one! When you start comparing your "good girl" nature to other people's reckless abandons, it keeps you "stuck" in your safe zone. When you compare your life to other people's lives, it keeps you playing small and increases the fear of failure on multiple levels.

FAITH ZONE ACTION: Comparison is the result of a conditioned mindset. Comparison is bred out of an "I'm not good enough" experience. Well, let me stop your thinking right there and say,  "YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! YOU WERE BORN GOOD ENOUGH!!" And you know why you continue to believe that you aren't? Because you have learned to give your power away! You have learned to value what other people say and think over what YOU say and think! So now what? You have to learn how to STOP giving your power away and learn how to take it back! Re-framing your thinking about what you believe takes time, but YOU CAN DO IT! Step one is to keep your focus on YOU! Stay in your lane and concentrate on the things that you do WELL! Learn to celebrate you and how you thrive! Then, STAY IN YOUR LANE and coast!


What have you always wanted to do or say, but were too afraid of the perceived outcome? Of course, this isn't an authorization to be mean, nasty or inconsiderate towards others, but more so permission to take the risk and express yourself authentically! The core of who you are isn't life threatening, it's divinely designed. In fact, taking the risk to be authentically YOU, is the perfect prescription for getting to know yourself on a deeper level!

FAITH ZONE ACTION: Life is too short to play small! Wonderful opportunities are waiting on you, people you are called to influence are looking for you and purpose is counting on you! No more delaying. To begin the process, you have to take responsibility for your actions or inactions, take ownership for your situation and CHOOSE to do something different! You can no longer allow your feelings and emotions to determine what you will and will not do! Your feelings will keep you "stuck" in the safe zone! You will never FEEL like taking the risk to move beyond what's safe! You MUST decide! Choose to experience more, commit to making the change and take a running leap out of the SAFE ZONE into the FAITH ZONE!