Have you ever had one of those years when nothing seemed to go as planned, but the outcome still turned out for your good? TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY which is a BIG DEAL! I believe that everyone's birthday is a BIG-TO-DO, don't you think? Your birthday it's THE day God released you into the earth . . . and to me . . . that day should always be celebrated!

Today, I turn 46!!!

I remember when 46 used to be a long ways away! Now, what I used to think was "old," is ummm ...not so old anymore! :-) But, I can't help but acknowledge how quickly time is passing by! There are so many goals, dreams and expectations that I thought I would have achieved and mastered by now . . . some I have and some I haven't.

Every year for my birthday, I love doing some thing fun, creative and fabulous! But this year, something felt different. Normally, I have a plan, idea or . . . something?! But, this year . . . nothing! No grand plan or vision, not even a creative idea for how I wanted to celebrate my special day!

Today is the day! . . . and the time to plan has expired. It wasn't until a few hours ago, right before the clock struck 12am, that I realized that this year wasn't about making it thru to another year, but about celebrating my birthday differently! For me, this year is all about celebrating life and enjoying the journey along the way!

But . . . can I be real with y'all? I don't always love the journey!! In fact, sometimes the journey sucks! While I LOVE and adore my life, the daily ups and downs along the journey can definitely take their toll; and I am not one for giving any space, time or energy to negative thoughts! Life's too short!

So, I decided to celebrate my birthday today, a little differently! Here is my personal list of 46 things that I adore most in LIFE!! These are things that make me the happiest and grow me the most!


  1. Standing ovations
  2. The smell of bleach and warm dryer sheets
  3. When my husband and I are in perfect sync
  4. When my house is completely silent
  5. Worship
  6. Pay Day
  7. When God uses me to prepare a marriage or save a marriage
  8. Smoothies!! Any kind . . . anytime!
  9. Sibling love between my kids
  10. Power naps
  11. MASSAGES!!!!
  12. Adrian's compliments
  13. Packing for vacation!
  14. Immediate obedience from my kids
  15. Family Reunions
  16. Breakthroughs and AH-HA Moments
  17. DATE NIGHT!!!!
  18. Movies
  19. DO-OVERS
  20. Surprises
  21. Bright colored toenails
  22. My Origins Skin Care
  23. Questions from my kids
  24. Lip gloss and Mascara
  25. Accessories, accessories, accessories!!
  26. Watching people laugh uncontrollably!
  27. Feeling strong in my skin
  28. Thriving in my lane
  29. Unwavering support
  30. My World Ventures Family
  31. Healthy parents
  32. Testimonies
  33. Adrian's hugs
  34. My kids kisses
  35. Zumba
  36. Girlfriend Getaways
  37. Walking on the beach
  38. Posh Couture
  39. No drama, no stress
  40. When God shows up in the final hour
  41. My prayer warriors
  42. God's love, grace and mercy
  43. Shopping!
  44. FAVOR
  45. Living in the DMV
  46. Health and Wholeness