A wife’s influence creates powerful change within her husband!”
— Christy Little Jones

When I first became Adrian's wife, I really didn't understand the magnitude of this position.  I realized that we would be together til death does us part, but in the beginning, I really didn't understand the position, power, authority, and responsibility that came with being a wife! The position a wife holds has amazing influence towards your husband. I never realized how significant my daily example, personal confidence, and character was observed by him.

Along my journey in wifehood, I discovered . . . 

When I completely trust my husband's decision for our family, it reminds him to trust himself; which elevates his desire to lead! Wife Influence!

When I respond to my husband with honor and respect, it reminds him to stay humble and serve others with love.

Wife Influence! 

When I seek to reconcile after a conflict over the need to be right, it reminds my husband that I AM on his team.

Wife Influence!

Simply telling my husband that I love being his wife, reminds him that I appreciate him and he made the right choice!

Wife Influence!

Wives, you have the power to affirm and elevate or hurt and discourage your husbands with your words and actions. Wife influence is a skill that must be developed and used to encourage greatness and leadership in your husband. 

Wife influence is a beautiful expression of love and support towards your husband. Today you have a choice, and you can choose to:


your husband's lead by supporting his decisions.


your husband by reminding him of his own strength, resilience, and commitment to you and your family.


your husband through your words, initiative and actions. 

By understanding your position as a wife, you have the ability to influence your spouse in a positive and compassionate way. You have the ability to uplift and transform you, your spouse, your marriage and your entire family! It's a WIN-WIN!

What choice will you make today?