Raising a world changer is no easy mission. Parenting is one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding tasks there is! While raising a child with strong, healthy values is important, being an intentional parent almost always produces a great outcome. The effort you put into raising, guiding and imparting principles to a child now, in the present, will harvest a strong, forward-thinking world changing adult...in the future. 

Being who you want your child to be carries more influence than most people know. The transfer that happens from your heart and habits to your child's heart and habits are fascinating! You know that saying, "kids do what you say, not what you do?" Well, it's NOT TRUE! Your kids not only do what you do, they say what you say and behave the way you behave!

So, I am calling you out parents to assess your own intention, confession and behavior. Are you being everything you want your children to be? If not, you can choose to change at any moment!

Change starts with choosing to change! So, as you reflect on being the example for your children, I have listed FIVE principles designed to help you raise your child/ren into amazing world changers! 

1. Study Your Child

As the parent of world changer children, you must start with a vision. What are your children's natural gifts? What are their interests? Sit down with each child in your household and ask them what they believe their gifts are and how do they want to use them to bring change into the world? Incorporate their answers with who you know them to be.

2. Have a Strategic Plan

Now that you have identified a few of your child's gifts, talents and interests, start taking action and putting those gifts into practice. To keep you on track, begin to set goals that lead to a purpose with a desired outcome. For example: if your son or daughter loves animals, come up with ways together that his or her love for animals can change the world. Depending on the age of your child, volunteer at an animal shelter or dog sit for a friend. If reading is your child's interest, bring her to read to seniors at a retirement community. Serving happiness and impacting someone's life always makes the world a better place for all.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency requires commitment and discipline. Consistency is the glue that holds your vision and child's strategic plan together. If you are wishy-washy or don't follow through, you can't expect to gain the positive results. Be sure to be intentional, and have integrity throughout the process. Integrity imparts a very valuable principle to your child.

4. Allow Room for Exploring

Experience is the best teacher!  When we create the space for our child/ren to explore, learning and development takes place in a natural way. A child who explores his or her ideas, thoughts and beliefs through action gains the freedom to engage with others on a deeper level. Exploring helps us to discover who we are, what we like and what we don't like.  

5. Be Your Child's Biggest Cheerleader

Your words hold power and your position has long-lasting influence. Make the decision now to support and encourage your child no matter what you may be experiencing as a parent. Be careful with your words; choose them wisely. Be a parent that your son or daughter can trust with their innermost secrets and fears. If your child trusts you, he or she will give you their heart and you will gain life-long access into their journey of changing the world!