It’s taken me decades to believe in MY SPARKLE, but the journey of self-discovery was sooooo worth it! If you don't mind, I would like to share a little of my story, in hopes it will inspire you to begin your own personal journey, leading you to experience the SELF-LOVE your soul craves.

It started when I was about 13 years old. I grew up around people who looked nothing like me. My closest friends were size 0's and less than 100 pounds. I was 120 pounds and a size 6! I constantly compared myself to my friends, celebrities and whatever society defined as "beautiful" . . . I never thought I measured up! I woke up morning after morning feeling uncomfortable, insecure and unattractive in my skin!

Rejection and inadequacy invaded my daily thoughts, fear took residence in my heart and lies settled in!

Inadequacy became my new daily mantra and not-good-enough was the tune of my soul. The lies seeded in my heart from other people's words, judgements and jealousies searched frantically for validation and confirmation. Truth was their enemy. The closer I got to TRUTH, the louder the lies screamed.

The lies dominated and created a peoplepleaser. I was desperate for approval. The desire for approval clouded my inner knowing, understanding and the very essence of who I was created to be.

Rejection and judgement as a "chubby, dark-skinned" girl took over my identity; God's truth within my DNA had been corrupted. Or so I thought.

The pain of rejection and brokenness in my heart reminded me daily of the lies I believed.  I spent years searching for proof that I was pretty enough, worthy enough and good enough, but the lies always trumped God's truth.

Jumping through hoops to gain approval and validation became a daily practice. People pleasing had become a part of me.

After years of being an approval addict, exhaustion set in. My soul was tired of hiding. I longed to be free . . . to be me!

Then, my journey began . . .

I jumped in heart first and started confronting the pain from my past. I opened the door and exposed the lies, I forced myself to study THE TRUTH! I fought against the pull to slip back into the comfort of the lies I believed. I began doing the “hard work;” the work that promises to give the results everyone wants, but few commit to putting in the work to receive!

I stayed in the trenches and continued to go deeper. I hit the bottom of brokenness and just laid there . . . completely still.

God met me!

I peered into the depths of my heart, and pulled back layer after layer of hurt, disappointment and fear.

God met me in my brokenness and I encountered REAL LOVE - His Love. A love that had been there all along, deeply rooted, steady and strong, imbedded in my DNA -- a seed of love that He placed in my heart, mind and soul before I was born. My thoughts began to change, my mind was renewed . . . I was reborn. 

During my journey, I discovered boldness! I studied God's standard and embraced my TRUE identity. I acknowledged His permission to trust more, to love harder, to give greater, to ask for more and to stand for TRUTH!

My life altering experience and encounter with God swelled into an even stronger desire to help women like me begin her own personal journey. To jump head first into the depths of her heart, uncovering the truth of who she is and who God created her to be . . . encountering LOVE without limits! 

I have met, coached and walked with many women along her journey of self-discovery. I have gotten in the trenches with women who have allowed fear to keep her small. I have linked arms with others who trusted me as her personal guide, leading her out of the shadows cast by lies.

Who do you know is ready to fall madly in love with who God created her to be? Who do you know who wants to walk boldly in her purpose, giving herself permission to empower her authentic voice. Who do you know is ready to experience life fully with a grace and confidence that brings her soul peace. Who do you know?

Sister...take my hand and let me introduce you to the amazing woman within.

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Click here to join Simply Sisterhood