When we compare ourselves to other women, what they look like, what they have, and their behavior, we are defeated from the start. We were created to be different and unique, there are no two people alike. God did this for a reason. It's called purpose. When we compare, we divide the very essence of who we are and all of our magnificence!

If you knew that every time you compared yourself to another woman, that you were dividing your purpose, your excellence and your soul would you still do it?


a. The act of comparing or the process of being compared.

b. A statement or estimate of similarities and differences.

c. The quality of being similar or equivalent; likeness

Let's take apples and bananas. Yes, they are both fruits, but they have very different shapes, colors, minerals, vitamins, and look vastly different. do we as women. We would never compare apples and bananas as having the same value. If you were to do some research, you would realize that apples and bananas are not only very different, they have a different purpose. Bananas are known to improve your mood and are great energy boosters for workouts. Apples have many antioxidants and are great for regulating blood sugar. Different, right? So are we. 

The next time you start comparing yourself to someone else, their life or circumstances, consider the apple and the banana. Reflect on the amazing and unique qualities that each possess and how different and special they are independent of the other.

Along with many other women, I have fallen into the trap of comparing myself to other women for most of my life. I lived a life of always trying to measure up to a standard that was always beneath the standard that God set for me when I was born. When I was younger, I'd often compare myself to women who were nothing like me! They had different skin, different body types and different genes, but I found my identity in the misery of pleasing people. I would abuse myself with negative words and thoughts, I adopted other people's beliefs and breathed in criticism as a part of life. It took decades before I realized how mean I had been to my heart, soul and body. When I reached a low point in my life, I woke up! I started my personal quest of truly discovering my true identity and who God created me to be!

It was a life-changing decision that transformed my life forever.

For the first time, I decided that I cared more about what I thought about me, than what other people thought about me. It was uncomfortable and made me feel even a little guilty, but I pressed through the discomfort and allowed God to heal my heart, renew my thinking and transform me! It was the best decision of my life!

If you knew that you would be set free from comparing yourself to others and start living with confidence, authenticity and acceptance, would you take the journey?