TRUTH! Can You Handle The Truth?

Today was one of those moments where I had a face-to-face moment with TRUTH! of those...not so fun moments, but necessary. 

Instantly, I was reminded of one of my favorite 90's movies, "A Few Good Men," when Jack Nicholson says his famous line after being backed into a corner by Tom Cruise during his trial. "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"

Ouch! Oh boy...this is a loaded statement!

My "TRUTH" journey began about 15 years ago.  I started out with baby steps, because who really ever likes confronting the truth about themselves? Exactly! Where there in lies the problem.  Most people don't like hearing the TRUTH, much less can really handle the TRUTH!  In fact, they avoid it like the plague! As a relationship coach, I have seen it all...denial, delusion, avoidance, resistance, control, pride, low self-esteem, shrinking, people-pleasing, perfectionism and the list goes on...!

I want to get up close and personal with you today about the TRUTH! But...can you handle the truth?

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Everything we've learned about the truth we learned from the people we trusted most. We believed what they said, what they did and how they loved us as TRUTH!

Well, I hate to wreck havoc on your subconscious mind, but the truth that you have believed about yourself for years, is actually NOT THE TRUTH! 

"You're not good enough!"

"You're not pretty enough!"

"You're not smart enough!"

"You're not skinny enough!"

Please fill in the quotes, with the negative self-chatter that has taken residence in your heart, mind and beliefs.

When you were born, God embedded HIS TRUTH within your heart. Then layers of your negative experiences, lies you were told and believed, disappointment and discouragement corrupted God's truth and changed His Standard for your life!

So what was once His truth has transformed into FEAR!

Many of us live our lives with FEAR as the final authority over our decisions.  FEAR shrinks our greatness and keeps us lying to ourselves, so that we miss out on what God has planned.

Anywhere there is fear, there is NO TRUTH!

I have provided 3 quick tips that will help you recalibrate your heart back to TRUTH - Gods Truth. Go ahead and read them, study them and implement them into your life ASAP!

1. BE BRAVE! Confront the TRUTH of what's causing havoc in your life? What are you avoiding? What choices are you making or NOT making that keep you "stuck?"

2. MAKE A LIST! Identify areas of growth. Communication with your spouse? Self-Acceptance? Financial Planning? Spiritual Growth? Choose one area, set a goal and write down the action steps towards achieving that goal. Get started right away! 

3. DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE! Myles Monroe said, "when you don't understand the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable!" Abuse occurs when you don't understand your value or worth. Study the TRUTH by studying His word and His Standards. Reset your standards immediately.

Christy Little Jones is a motivational speaker, professional encourager and relationship mentor to women and couples all over the world.  She teaches people how to fall madly in love with themselves by establishing a relationship with God, making integrity based decisions and developing the courage to express themselves authentically. Connect with Christy at