{GUEST BLOG} A Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Holiday Season

single girl holiday.jpg

I love the Christmas season and ALL that it entails… The scarves, the mittens and hats… the sparkly dresses… the cookies… the cakes… the extra weight that I gain.

Wait! Strike that last one.  I do not, I repeat DO NOT love the weight gain.  And this year…feels harder than ever.  I’ve gained roughly 20 pounds in the last 18 months.  My 90-year-old aunt delights in telling me that I have never looked fatter – which she oddly thinks is a compliment.  Trying to figure out what to wear that feels fun and festive AND looks good leaves me wanting to curl up on the couch in my PJs. 

It’s hard enough being 40 something and single…add chunky to the mix and you might as well add a few cats too.  I was feeling a little down and Alanis Morrisette-y when I randomly remembered the Message.  The Message of the Man Boobs. 

Man Boobs (as I’m sure you are aware) are a very odd place to garner wisdom and confidence… but wisdom and confidence are what I found. 

Several years ago, I was sitting in my office gazing out the window when a man caught my eye.  I can't remember what I noticed first:  his thick legs, slightly chunky hiney or... his man boobs.  He wasn't large and in charge but he was definitely ... thick!    I see men of all shapes and sizes on a daily basis.  Very few cause me to take a double look... but this guy... had my attention because even with the butt and the boobs... he had swag! 

 I sat and watched him walk down the street with complete confidence and found myself drawn to him because of it!   His confidence overrode all of the “flaws” that I noticed at first.  The truth is that I only saw them for a second.  His confidence was attractive... alluring even.  Truth be told, I even thought about giving his little man boob a squeeze.

For years I have read the articles about confidence being one of the most attractive qualities an individual can possess but it wasn't until I saw the man boobs with swag that I understood it! 

Confidence is the magic ingredient that makes the ordinary... extraordinary! So this holiday season, if you wear nothing else, wear your confidence and wear it well and if your 90-year-old aunt tells you that you’ve never been fatter, smile and say “Thank you!”

Sara Munyan is a cupcake connoisseur and strictly runs on coffee. She loves the sun, sand, and surf and shares her gift of teaching with 120 fourth graders in Arizona. With her infectious laugh, Sara's humor and real-world view of singlehood will have you grabbing your side and wiping your tears as you experience her wonderful charm.