The past few weeks, I have heard and witnessed many significant "WON'T HE DO IT!" moments! Let me explain, a "won't HE do it" moment is when God shows up in your life unexpectedly without warning or notice; but with a whole lot of POWER, LOVE and CERTAINTY . . . gently reminding YOU that HE is in total control!

We may think we are controlling our life, and in some ways, yes, we have free will to choose, however, those who are willing to trust God with their life, their fears, their worries, their situations and circumstances, God has something for ya!

A few weeks ago, one of my Godsisters shared a "won't He do it" moment where God provided all of the training she needed to be certified . . . FOR FREE! Another Godsister shared how God brought back together two people who were once engaged, broke it off, married other people, got divorced and a few weeks ago after years of not communicating, got married!


This week after feeling like I was in a spiritual and mental fog, I kept forgetting things, losing my train of thought and feeling like a deer in headlights! All I could do was REST. Nothing extra, nothing more, all I did was just, "BE!"

Yesterday, I saw a few random letters on my dresser face down, one was junk mail and one from Blue Cross Blue Shield.  I thought, "that's weird, I haven't been with Blue Cross, Blue Shield in years." So, I opened the junk mail first and then opened the Blue Cross letter. There was a $1200 insurance refund check in it issued 3 months ago! "WON'T HE DO IT!"

I shook my head, praised God and thanked Him for always coming right on time!

God is in complete control of your life! He is just waiting for you to trust him completely and get out of His way, so HE CAN DO IT!

Please share YOUR "Won't He Do It!" moment below in the comments!