The definition of DECISION is
: the ability to make choices quickly and confidently

Why do so many people hesitate to make even the simplest of decisions like what to order at a restaurant or even which movie to see at the theater? In today's culture, we are faced with so many choices, it leaves many of us overwhelmed, overworked and numb. Choices tend to make people anxious and make some feel like they are closing the door to other possibilities and opportunities.

Good decision-making is a skill that can be learned. And once it's learned and practiced, making decisions can bring the peace of mind and comfort that we're looking for. So, here are some quick tips that will help you to stop stalling and turn procrastination into positive action!

1. YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING! Think about it . . . you can't get married and then still live the single life! Choices are necessary! The better you get at making decisions, the more confident you will become and the less anxiety you will feel. Keep practicing!

2. STOP OVERTHINKING YOUR DECISION! The worst feeling is to buy a plane ticket and find the same flight 30 minutes later for $300 less! STOP LOOKING! Trust yourself, make the decision and move on!

3. DON'T DELAY IN YOUR DECISION-MAKING - unless you need more information to make the decision, you are giving your power away to the fear of making a choice! When you hand over your power, you lose control of the situation and it's over! DONE DEAL!

4. TRUST WITHIN and DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP! - Sometimes things just don't go as planned. Oh well! You made the best decision at the time you made it! You can't always take responsibility for the outcome, your job was just to decide.c The beauty of it all is, if things don't work out . . . you have the opportunity to make a different decision!


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