Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to let go of all of of your personal pressure, cares, and concerns? All of them?

Have you ever had that feeling when you GO-GO-GO so hard to meet a goal, fulfill a desire, live a passion, or finally experience your dream? But, as you forge ahead and keep pushing day after day and year after year, the goal, desire, passion or dream never seems to come. . .  it feels like a never-ending uphill battle! 

And then, one day . . .

In only a flicker of a moment, you imagine letting everything go . . . in your mind, your body and your soul.  And for 30 seconds, your conscious wanders thinking of how free you would be letting it all go! "Should I cut bait and roll out? Start over or just give up and forget about it all?" "What would happen if I stopped climbing? What would happen if I stopped everything and let it all go? Would anyone care? Would it even matter?

The answer is, Yes! It would matter.

God has given each one of us a grand purpose to be fulfilled and carried out here on earth until our last breath. So, why do we think our amazing gifts and the responsibility to use them should come easy? I could get super-spiritual and say, "it is easy!" But then, real talk . . . if you don't KNOW what your gifts are, or don't even have a clue about your purpose, then you won't realize there is a responsibility to use them, share them and give them to as many people as you can.  

It is only when we spend time being still and listening to our soul's whispers and following through with them, that a whole new understanding of who you are emerges.

There are many distractions pulling at you from all different directions, trying to steal your attention and take you out of the game, but you must stay alert! As a star player, it is critical that you pay attention to each "play" you're given during practice. Take good notes and study them long and hard, so that when it's "game time," and God calls your number, you are truly prepared and ready to go!