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He is on a mission! #operationoneness

I know things have been tough and you may have even contemplated throwing in the towel, but I wanted to encourage you to . . . HOLD THE LINE!


God is coming and HE IS THE CALVARY!

Marriage is God's idea. He created it so that we could experience love, intimacy, friendship, unity, and life's deepest joys. Which is why it is also fiercely opposed by the enemy. Satan's primary goal is to steal, kill, and destroy every aspect of your life--especially your marriage. 

But our Lord is a mighty warrior! There is a war between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness. This battle rages most ferociously in marriage because you, your spouse and your family have a specific purpose to advance God's Kingdom and bring Him glory!

So in order to engage in this battle, you need to be equipped! Some of you have laid down your swords and stopped fighting. Some have fallen on the battlefield wounded and hurt and some keep trying to stay in the fight, but are so weary, your efforts are faint and faithless.

Don't despair, things are about to turn around!

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.
— Hebrews 11:1

When we are discouraged, disappointed or in despair, it's usually because our faith is faint! Be encouraged! As a daughter or son of the Most High God, you have access to exactly what you need to experience the marriage relationship you desire . . . and the one God has prepared for you! How? By activating your FAITH . . . RELENTLESS FAITH!


. . . is the confidence

you must believe without a shadow of doubt

. . . that what we hope for

that whatever you desire in your marriage, your spouse or your situation

. . . will actually happen

that God CAN restore, increase, rescue, save, and heal . . .

. . . it gives us assurance about

by operating in the integrity of what you believe

. . . things we cannot see

completely surrender to and trust God fully! Faith is an action! Faith never quits!

Search your heart this week. What do you REALLY believe about God? about His Word? about your spouse? about your marriage? Does what you think, say and do align with what you believe in your heart? If not, decide to change it! Align with God's Word. Start activating your faith for what you REALLY believe and watch God move in your marriage BIG TIME!!