Holiday Skin Care Gift Guide

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For as long as I can remember, people have complimented me on my skin! Most recently, one of my "besties", referred to me as "the skin care guru!"  She’s highlights my skin care regimen to everyone who needs a little more moisture, shine or sparkle in their skin care routine. She knows, I am a wellness junkie who loves my skin care products!

So, I thought, I would share my skin care regimen, step-by-step in addition to creating a Holiday Gift Guide for those who are looking for more sparkle and shine from their lips to their toes! The products I am about to share are products that I absolutely LOVE and personally just can’t live without. I use them daily and they, in conjunction with God's love make my skin glow!
One of my favorite "ME" times of day is when I get to pamper my skin! So lets dive right into my top picks.


GIFT IDEA #1 - A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea.
STEP ONE: I use this cleanser by squeezing a small dollop onto my fingers, and rubbing in a small circular motion all over my face. It lathers well. Rinse and wipe with warm water. It feels great!

GIFT IDEA #2 - Origins A Perfect World™ Age-Defense Treatment Lotion with White Tea
STEP TWO: I place a few dabs of this product on a cotton pad and rub all over my face and fan my face quickly with my hands afterwards, for an extra cooling effect! Yass! . . . pamper!

GIFT IDEA #3 - Origins A Perfect World White Tea Skin Guardian
STEP THREE: This is one of my favorite products, not only because I know its purpose is to provide protection against unwanted wrinkles, but it gives me extra moisture and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way it smooths on my skin. Don't forget sisters to put it on your face and neck! Did I say I was 45? Yass! for my White Tea Guardian!

GIFT IDEA #4 - Origins A Perfect World™ SPF 25 Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea
STEP FOUR: Lastly, I put on my moisturizer for the day, now the key is to make sure that you have SPF in it.  I use SPF 25 even though I have awesome melonin, but who wants age spots at any shade? Nevertheless, just use it!


GIFT IDEA #5 - Clinique Take The Day Off Make Up Remover
I begin with this make-up remover to remove all excess makeup. I love this product because it's easy, inexpensive and it doesn't leave a cloudy film over my eyes after taking off my eye makeup. Yes! I use it all over!


GIFT IDEA #6 High-Potency Night-A-Mins™Mineral-enriched Renewal Cream   
I use this moisturizer because I like the way it feels and I love knowing that I am taking care of my skin while I am sleeping. Plus, I'm giving it the "renewal" vitamins it needs!

GIFT IDEA #7 Modern Friction™Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion
I only use this product TWICE a week on Wednesdays and Sundays during my bedtime routine! This helps to keep my skin looking vibrant, alive and it contributes to the glow and sparkle that I believe people notice most about my skin. I love this product because it's not grainy or too harsh and you won't find grains on your skin days later like some of the other products I've tried.  Put a little on your fingers with warm water, rub together, rub all over your face, add water as needed to get a good lather.  Remember to include your neck, and rinse several times using a wash cloth. VOILA!


GIFT IDEA #8 Laura Mercier Body and Bath - Creme de Pistache Body Scrub
Just like exfoliating your face, it's necessary to exfoliate your body to maintain the healthy glow, moisture and softness that keep your skin looking young, taught and bright! Although, my husband complains about my routine, he LOVES the benefit of cuddling next to soft, smooth skin!

GIFT IDEA #9 Philosophy - Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion Jumbo Limited Edition
Once I get out of the shower, I look forward to this next step! When I found this product, I was hooked for life! Not only is is a great value for the price, but the smell is ah-mazing and the name alone is perfect for pampering your body...Amazing Grace! *Christy's Personal Favorite

GIFT IDEA #10 Kenzo Amour By Kenzo Eau De Parfum Spray (Fuchsia Edition)
What woman doesn't love to smell amazing! Well, I have tried a ton of perfumes! I even worked for women's fragrances before in my 20's and I have never gotten more compliments than I have when I wear this fragrance. It comes in a fun, sleek, yet sexy bottle and it's affordable! This has become my staple.  I love it! It's simple, classy and fabulous.

Mary Lou's Weigh Platform

This is a scale that records your weight in 10 pound increments but never shows you numbers! For years, I measured my self-worth by the numbers on the scale. If they were higher than I thought they were supposed to be, I wasn't good enough.  This was a battle for decades! One of my clients introduced me to this wonderful tool that I wish I had years ago, when I started my self-love journey. I highly recommend adding this to your LOVE LIFE TOOL BOX.


******May contain affiliate links. I only recommend products that I use and love. But please do not feel obligated to purchase anything through my link.

Posted on December 19, 2015 .